Ranger In The Ruins

A connected roguelike P3 pinball experience

About RITR

You are a ranger, a wanderer in the crumbling cities of a civilization from the distant past. Scavenge what living you can from what remains of the buildings while fighting the loneliness of your existence. As one of the last remaining humans, you fight to keep yourself alive, and hold out hope that you will find others willing to build a community. The world is a mysterious place, and those who have fallen previously might still be lurking.

Exist. Survive. Persist.


A first for pinball, if your wasteland is connected to others via the Internet connection available on the P3 system, you may encounter the spirits of other rangers. These spirits may offer you an item to help you in your search. One of each item type may be equipped by your ranger, but beware, not all items are helpful.


To join in the search for survivors, you will need a Multimorphic P3 platform with the Cosmic Cart Racing playfield module.

Pricing for Ranger in the Ruins is coming soon.